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Credit Union Vehicle Shopping Features with AutoSMART

Today, consumers think of buying a car and financing it as a single event. CUDL AutoSMART provides your members with the online and mobile tools they need to make educated buying decisions – all from your credit union’s website and app. By delivering the tools and information your members want, CUDL AutoSMART ensures that your credit union is a central part of the buying and financing process from beginning to end.

CUDL AutoSMART keeps your credit union in control of the experience:

  • Keeps your brand top of mind throughout the buying process with a customizable, cobranded website – increasing loyalty while building and retaining loan volume.
  • Integrates your auto loan offers to the buying process, increasing the likelihood that members will turn to you for the loan.
  • Delivers advanced tools and inventory to guide the shopping process,helping your members make better buying decisions, get great deals and sell their vehicles.
  • Creates efficiencies and enhances member service.
  • Provides data on member quotes and utilization, so you can strategically assess trends and site usage – and refine your marketing.
  • Offers consultative support to help you maximize traffic, interest and pull-through.
  • Connects you with partner dealers who value the credit union relationship. 

Mobile drives the experience any time, anywhere:

  • Offers the same functionality as the CUDL AutoSMART website.
  • Finds existing pre-approvals or start a new loan application.
  • Accessible via iPhone or Android.
  • Links to your existing credit union app.



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