Lending 360: Loan Origination System

Lending 360 - Loan Origination Software System

Rethink & Reshape Consumer Loan Processing

A faster, more efficient loan origination system

Lending 360 is a consumer loan origination software (LOS) built by CU Direct specifically for credit unions and CUSOs. Through automation, simplified workflows and powerful reporting capability, credit unions can easily increase their productivity and efficiency.

The complete Lending 360 loan origination system comes with the following*:

An Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface

Lending 360 is easy to navigate, simplifying the application process and making it easy to train new employees. Fewer clicks means faster processing.

Online Loan Application

With Lending 360, you get the automated Online Loan Application module, customizable and fully branded to closely match your credit union’s website.

Highly Configurable

Lending 360 can be configured by our implementation team to support your specific processes. We’ll set up workflows and teach your team how to manage future changes using the system’s administrative module.

Powerful Decision Engine

Lending 360’s flexible and powerful decision engine supports underwriting strategies from the simplest to the most complex—with over 1,200 variables available for use in five 3D matrices and unlimited custom rules.

Third Party Integration

Lending 360 can connect to most host systems and numerous third parties, streamlining origination, underwriting, processing and disbursement. We also offer optimal integration with CUDL and OnSpot Financing, moving your credit union operations toward consolidation on a single software platform.


Behind the scenes, CU Direct is working on a number of other industry-altering initiatives. We’re constantly adding new features and enhancements to the platform, so that your credit union can maximize lending success.

For example, Lending 360 is the first LOS to make direct applications available to auto dealers at the push of a button. The “Add to CUDL” feature allows credit unions to push direct loan approvals into the CUDL system, making auto loan pre-screens available to dealers for more indirect loan opportunities.

Other Features & Benefits

With Lending 360, you get a strong cross-sell platform, digital documents/e-signature capability, host and imaging integration (if available—contact your providers) and a CUSO-ready system, in case you’re looking to expand services.

For Indirect & Retail Lending

Lending 360 Indirect is an abbreviated version of the complete system—offered for credit unions that simply need a platform for processing CUDL, OnSpot Financing, or Online Loan Application. Get the same great system, but with fewer bells and whistles, at an unbelievable price.

Why CU Direct and Lending 360?

Designed by and for lenders, Lending 360 comes with powerful features that allow credit unions to streamline the entire loan application process, save time and money, increase productivity and reduce processing errors—all while maximizing the size of your loan portfolio.

*Note: not all features listed above are available with Lending 360 Indirect. Please ask for additional details.

To request a demo, please contact your local CU Direct Account Representative or call 1.877.744.2835

Lending 360 Features & Benefits

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