White Papers

New CU Direct White Paper: Big Data: Using Your Data to Open Deliver Channels and Grow Loans

Discover big data best practices and how your credit union can use its existing lending portfolio data to uncover new revenue opportunities.
This white paper offers five key financial objectives to help you gain competitive traction, insight into risk based lending/pricing, and the FICO score, an understanding of data storage, and tips on how to gain a competitive edge in lending.

New CU Direct White Paper: Best Practices to Secure Higher Look-to-Book Ratios

Learn about the key practices that several successful CUDL credit unions employed to help increase their look-to-book (LTB) and approve-to-book (ATB) rates in their indirect auto lending program. This white paper offers insights based on the experiences of other credit unions that developed best practices to engage their dealership base and ultimately raise their LTB and ATB performance.

Asset Disposition White Paper

New CU Direct White Paper Features Best Approaches to Effective Asset Disposition. Successful lenders recognize that in order to maximize cash flows from the sale of repossessed vehicles, guidelines and procedures need to be in place to dispose of these assets in a timely and efficient manner. This white paper addresses several components of the asset disposition process that credit unions should consider when evaluating their remarketing practices.

Download this white paper to learn about these best practices and the five performance metrics that formulate the benchmarks used by top-performing remarketers.

Successful Indirect Auto Lending Programs Build on CU Strengths in Relationship and Portfolio Management

Discover how several credit unions have successfully tapped into indirect auto lending to help diversify and grow their balance sheets, while still maintaining a healthy portfolio and meeting member demands for competitive automotive financing. This informative white paper addresses how the credit unions formulated their indirect auto lending program and the underlying processes they developed to help ensure a smooth and profitable outcome.