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CUDL Vehicle Lending Network

Nation’s Largest Credit Union Auto Lending Network

Your key to more loans, efficiencies, and new members


With over 13,000 dealers nationwide, CUDL’s flexible and powerful suite of features empowers your credit union to fund and retain auto loans, increase profitability and membership growth. It is designed for your credit union to provide unmatched convenience and service to potential new members at the point-of-purchase.




Built by credit unions, for credit unions, CUDL offers the advantages of full control over your credit union’s choice in dealers, no per app fees, and full access to CU Direct’s indirect Lending 360 loan origination system to support all lending and underwriting strategies.

CUDL enables your credit union to deliver faster financing decisions to dealers with the help of a streamlined financing process.  Additionally, our dedicated team of experts located across the country are ready and able to help your credit union achieve more profitable success.

Features / Capabilities

CUDL continually evolves its exclusive, proprietary features to offer more flexibility with a cost-effective solution. Discover the power of CUDL’s comprehensive indirect lending platform for an easier, more efficient financing process.

  • A network of over 13,000 dealers ready to connect car buyers with your credit union’s financing
  • Pre-approval solutions to help you increase loan pull-through rates
  • Affordable and exclusive features, including no application fees
  • Seamless submission of electronic documents helps reduce processing time and provide faster funding to dealers
  • CUDL’s Payoff Solution provides dealers with quick access to your members’ loan information
  • Local client support dedicated to helping you build your indirect business full circle – from fostering strong relationships with local dealers to providing marketing, advisory and strategic planning assistance
  • Full access to the indirect lending module of CU Direct’s Lending 360 Loan Origination System; features include an industry-leading decision engine, the ability to upload auto loan pre-screens for dealer use, and host integration

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