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CUDL Vehicle Lending Network

The Nation’s Largest Credit Union Auto Lending Network

CUDL is the key to more loans and new members


The new CUDL is here, featuring a redesigned lending platform that connects your members to the nation’s leading network of over 13,000 auto dealers. The result is the most convenient credit union financing available at dealers around the country. Tap into the CUDL network to fund and retain auto loans, increase profitability and fuel membership growth.

Brand new—inside and out

We worked with the dealer community to design a lending platform that they’ll want to use over and over again.
This means more loans for you.

Easy Navigation   Works on all web devices   Customizable mobile app
Enhanced Pre-Approval Process  

Predictive search filters

  Improved details organization

The credit union choice for auto lending

Our knowledge of the credit union industry, combined with our nationwide auto dealer network, makes CUDL the leader in auto lending for credit unions. CUDL offers the advantages of full control over your credit union’s choice in auto dealers, no per-application fee, and full access to CU Direct’s Lending 360 loan origination system to support all lending and underwriting strategies.

Discover the new CUDL

Take a look at the new CUDL platform with this in-depth video. You’ll see how easy it is for dealers to provide your members with credit union financing.



Simply put, the new CUDL is the most advanced auto lending platform in the industry.

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