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Credit Union Data Warehousing

Single location to access valuable analytics

Data Warehousing

Data analytics have become a driving force behind today’s business decisions. With Lending Insights’ data warehousing, credit unions have access to store valuable data analytics in a single source, creating greater availability and higher security. Ultimately, making it easier to get smarter and faster lending decisions.

Why Data Warehousing?

Why Lending Insights Data Warehousing?

Lending Insights’ data warehousing system allows users to push all their data into a central cloud-based location. Eliminating the need for multiple sources for storing data. The benefits include:

  • Consistent reporting and analytics
  • NCUA compliant report

Improved Workflow

Accessing valuable data becomes a quick, and easy task to do with the support of Lending Insights 4.0 ample features and capabilities.

Secure Location Easy Access Custom Fields
Secure, single location Easily accessible  Customizable user defined fields
Unlimited Users 24/7 Metrics
Unlimited number of user licenses Software available 24/7 Pre-calculated metrics for day-to-day operations

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