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Lending Insights Loan Portfolio Analytics

Lending Insights - Loan Portfolio Analysis

The Insights You Need to Make Better, Faster Decisions

Lending Insights

Lending Insights helps credit unions increase profitability and efficiency by providing the analytics to manage risk, meet regulatory requirements and optimize loan portfolio performance. With Lending Insights —the best-in-class Lending Performance Management System (LPMS)—you get the credit union analytics you need to discover new loan opportunities and make better, faster decisions.

NCUA Examination & Reporting

Lending Insights helps credit unions meet regulatory requirements by providing the level of loan portfolio analytics required by regulators in a simple-to-use tool. This tool offers high priority support for credit unions during NCUA exams and audits. NCUA examiners ensure the overall safety and soundness of the credit union system. Our NCUA-ready reporting provides all the loan portfolio analytics required by examiners, in a simple-to-use tool.

Loan Portfolio Analysis
Gain insight into best practices associated with loan portfolio analytics, in order to manage risk and identify new loan opportunities.
Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)
Learn how CECL will impact your credit union and be better prepared to implement the new guidelines with the support of Lending Insights.
Static Pooling
With Lending Insights, credit unions can instantly generate and analyze static pools, along with other key metrics—with just a few simple clicks.
Using the Advanced Filters feature, Lending Insights software allows credit unions to drill down into their data to create "three-dimensional" reports.
Concentration Risk Analysis
Lending Insights generates concentration risk metrics, such as loans by geography, product type, or credit score tier, sliced and diced for the entire portfolio or segments within it.
Data Warehousing
Credit unions can upload and store historic loan data to CU Direct’s centralized cloud-based warehouse, then submit monthly updates to maintain a “single truth” record.
Profitability Analysis
Lending Insights can help credit unions improve profitability and mitigate losses with high-level, customized recurring reports that deliver accurate and timely analysis for decision making.
Credit Score Migration Analysis
Using credit score migration analysis helps credit unions regularly re-establish the risk in their portfolios, isolating those loans with the lowest credit scores and the highest LTVs.


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