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Lending Insights Loan Portfolio Analytics

Loan Portfolio Analysis

Actionable data insights to improve loan performance all on a new interface

Lending Insights

Lending Insights is a customizable loan portfolio management system designed as a central source of valuable data analytics. Experience the all-new Lending Insights 4.0 with its easy-to-use navigation and customizable dashboards for a streamlined experience.

Why Lending Insights?

Why Lending Insights?

Every credit union holds the key to valuable data at their fingertips. Lending Insights utilizes cutting edge data warehousing and business intelligence technology to offer a reliable and quick solution to translating that data into predictive analysis. Our experienced data analysts offer friendly and timely customer support.

Data preparation, customization, and long-term support come with the highest standard of excellence to better help credit unions:

  • Uncover risk and opportunities
  • Measure loan officer performance
  • Manage dealer relationships
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Features / Capabilities

Lending Insights offers a comprehensive set of solutions to quantify your data into interpretable results (e.g. common sense segments), minimize risk, and uncover new opportunities.

analytics Cloud Dealer Relationship Analysis Best Practice Report
In-depth analytics to identify loan growth and strategic pricing Comprehensive, cloud-based data warehousing Dealer relationship management Static pool, delinquency, and loss segmentation analysis Best practice report libraries

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