executive team

Tony Boutelle

President and CEO

Phil Dupree

Chief Revenue Officer

Brian Hendricks

Chief Product Officer

Erin Wilson

General Counsel

Bob Child

Chief Operating Officer

Neetu Bhagat

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Shood

Chief Technology Officer

Laurel Levine

Chief People and Engagement Officer

board members

  • Jim Laffoon
    Jim Laffoon Chairperson - President & CEO, Security Service Federal Credit Union
  • Erin Mendez
    Erin Mendez Vice Chairperson - President & CEO, Patelco Credit Union
  • Bob McKay
    Bob McKay Secretary & Treasurer - President & CEO, Together Credit Union
  • Bill Cheney
    Bill Cheney President & CEO, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union
  • Todd Marksberry
    Todd Marksberry President & CEO, Canvas Credit Union
  • Thayne Shaffer
    Thayne Shaffer President & CEO, America First Credit Union
  • Steph Sherrodd
    Steph Sherrodd President & CEO, Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union
  • Kim Sponem
    Kim Sponem President & CEO, Summit Credit Union
  • Keith Sultemeier
    Keith Sultemeier President & CEO, Kinecta Federal Credit Union
  • Don Clark
    Don Clark Associate Director - President & CEO, Sound Credit Union
  • Ron Neumann
    Ron Neumann Associate Director - President & CEO, OCCU
  • Karen Roch
    Karen Roch Associate Director - President & CEO, Credit Union West
  • Sandra Sagehorn-Elliott
    Sandra Sagehorn-Elliott Associate Director - President & CEO, Vantage West Credit Union