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OnSpot Financing



  • OnSpot’s tablet-friendly design and intuitive interface allows providers to conveniently submit loan applications to credit unions on behalf of their customers
  • Easily enroll new providers into the OnSpot  network using our online e-signature solution (and become their preferred  lender in the process)
  • Let your members quickly search for participating  providers and apply for a loan on your website using our Find a Provider toolkit


Diversify your portfolio: OnSpot offers your credit union a chance to make an impact in areas such as:

  • Medical loans (e.g. surgery, dental implants, etc.)
  • Home improvement loans
  • Solar loans
  • Recreational loans (pools & spas)
  • Loans for vehicle repairs and service

Additional benefits include:

  • Gain higher yield loan opportunities
  • Deepen your lending relationships with existing members
  • Grow your credit union’s membership from point-of-sale
  • Build and maintain strong business relationships within your community
  • Become the preferred financial institution for your local providers and membership

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