Point-of-Sale Financing for Retail and Medical

Increase sales and provide convenient financing for your customers

OnSpot Financing

OnSpot Financing connects retailers, service providers, medical practices and other businesses with credit union financing at the point of purchase. It’s easy, it’s a great value for customers, and it helps you complete more sales.

features & benefits

Create new sales; reach a new customer base; offer a new source of financing. Offer customers the convenience of onsite financing for larger purchases with an easy-to-use, turnkey system.

  • Turnkey solution
    OnSpot Financing is easy to use with minimal training
  • Easy web-based interface
    Safe and secure with no software installation required
  • No delays
    Customers apply for financing at your location and receive an immediate decision, even after credit union hours
  • Affordable
    A low monthly fee for system access means you quickly see a return on investment
  • Close more sales
    By providing on-the-spot financing from a trusted local source, you enable your customers to make purchases with confidence
  • Reach new customers
    Get access to thousands of local credit union members.
  •  Eliminate lay-away
    Complete the sale now and eliminate the need for “house” financing
  • Offer competitive financing to your customers with attractive rates and service from local credit unions

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?