Jeff ShoodChief Marketing Officer

    Jeff Shood is the chief technology officer at CU Direct, overseeing architecture, software development and engineering efforts for the company’s finance technology platforms.

    An entrepreneur at heart, Shood has had a passion for technology and software development since he was nine years old when he wrote his first computer program. Since then, his career has spanned the technology industry. Prior to joining the CU Direct team, Shood founded Intuvo, a CRM platform for financial institutions that helps lenders better understand consumer product and service needs to elongate memberships.

    Shood has been a thought leader and an innovator in the industry, and speaks at numerous events for lending, banking, and credit union associations on relationship marketing, database management, and sales strategies. Prior to founding Intuvo, Shood was a marketing consultant at CRM consultant, where he developed a web-based CRM and automated pipeline management platform for mortgage loan officers at Washington Mutual. He was also director of development for Web Venturi and led the development team for consumer electronics data. For the first three years of his career, Shood worked as a project manager for InteliTouch.