CU Direct Pledges $50,000 To America’s Credit Union Museum Legacy Campaign

Manchester, NH | December 19, 2016

CU Direct, the nation’s leading lending technology and automotive solutions provider for credit unions, has pledged $50,000 to America’s Credit Union Museum’s Legacy Campaign.

America’s Credit Union Museum, through its Legacy Campaign, is making an amazing effort to preserve the rich history of credit unions and the credit union movement,” said Tony Boutelle, president and CEO of CU Direct. “Through the work of the museum, the history of credit unions, and their commitment to helping people and communities build a better future, is celebrated and remembered. We are honored to partner in the museum’s efforts to preserve credit unions’ important legacy.”

With twenty-two years of service to credit unions as a leading lending technology company and CUSO, CU Direct is proud of its place in credit union history. Helping its credit union partners become the nation’s number two auto lender, the company has contributed to building the legacy of the credit union movement.

“I would like to thank CU Direct for its commitment to America’s Credit Union Museum,” said Stephanie Smith, executive director of the museum. “CU Direct is a leader in supporting the mission and values of credit unions. We are grateful for its partnership in helping us tell the story of the history, heritage and values of credit unions, and the difference they make in the financial marketplace.”

The Legacy Campaign is a three-year capital campaign with a goal of raising $3.3 million to create a new industry research center, expand exhibit space and provide renovations to the existing building. The physical and electronic industry research center will make credit union history more accessible, while the additional exhibit space and upgraded conference facilities will enable credit union professionals, legislators and citizens to experience firsthand the unique role credit unions play in the marketplace. To date, campaign pledges total more than $2.7 million.

America’s Credit Union Museum is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, in the building where the first credit union in the United States first began serving French Canadian textile mill workers in 1908. The Museum was established in 2002 and visually tells the stories of the individuals instrumental in establishing credit unions in the U.S.; credit unions’ subsequent growth throughout the county, and their continued role in providing millions of Americans with a more secure financial future. Museum exhibits bring to life the s­­tories behind credit unions’ unique values and philosophy while connecting the movement’s past with its present and future. The Museum also hosts credit union events and strategic planning retreats where credit union leaders focus on the future while being surrounded by the roots of the movement.

More information about the Museum and the Legacy Campaign can be found at

About America’s Credit Union Museum

America’s Credit Union Museum is housed in the building where the country’s first credit union was started in Manchester, NH. The Museum offers a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that tangibly illustrates the roots of the credit union movement and the important role credit unions continue to play in the present and future. The Museum is in the middle of a three-year capital campaign with a goal of raising $3.3 million to create a new industry research center, add additional exhibit space, and provide renovations to the existing Museum building.

About CU Direct

For more than twenty years, CU Direct has been a lending technology leader, helping credit unions fund $211 billion in loans. More than 1,100 credit unions rely on CU Direct’s solutions to generate loans, create efficiencies, and grow membership. From CUDL, the industry’s number one auto lending platform, to the industry’s revolutionary Lending 360 Loan Origination System, and Lending Insights dynamic analytic tools, CU Direct develops the technology that helps credit unions advance their lending programs and overall portfolio success. 14,000 auto dealers nationwide use CU Direct’s automotive solutions to connect with credit unions and their members to drive sales and increase their bottom lines. For more information, visit Connect with CU Direct on Twitter and LinkedIn.