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Transform your entire lending operations into an end-to-end digital experience.

All-in-One Loan & Account Origination

Lending 360 is a comprehensive loan and new account origination system designed to improve the member experience. Its highly configurable decision engine creates the maximum efficiency for faster decisions utilizing powerful reporting, industry-based origination and underwriting, and an ever increasing lineup of system integrations.


Configurable decision engine

1,800+ underwriting variables

Responsive design for member

Single-sign on

Account Origination

Enhance the member experience with the ease and convenience of Lending 360’s account origination. With the digital-first member top-of-mind, account origination is the simple, quick, and reliable solution to open and fund new accounts online anytime.


Online Loan Application

Capture loans anytime, anywhere. Branded to support your credit union’s services and product offerings, Lending 360’s Online Loan Application solution makes it easier for members to apply for a loan, line of credit, or credit card anytime.


Lending 360 streamlines the origination, underwriting, and application process through integration with Host System and various third parties. Our comprehensive integration to your core creates an efficient environment to enhance  member experience and service.

Member Engagement

Welcome to an end-to-end lending experience with a mobile-responsive online application system and effortless new account opening function designed for member convenience.

Configurable Workflow

Lending 360’s configurable workflows can be built to automate your credit unions specific processes. With drag and drop functionality, your entire workflow can be optimized in minutes.

Decision Engine

Our dynamic decision engine brings quality automated decisioning front and center. With 1,800+ lending variables and seamless core integrations, L360 increases efficiency and keeps underwriting accurate.

  • La Capitol has experienced marked improvement in both speed and efficiency of [Lending 360] loan decisions, as well as a significant increase in overall loan activity. La Capital FCU

    Karen Vines Rachal Executive Vice President
Success Story

Success Story

L360 Cultivates Healthy Auto and Consumer Loan Programs at MVFCU

Indirect lending was the answer for the $508 million Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union. Download the full success story to see how Lending 360’s flexible underwriting can transform your lending.

Success Story

Success Story

LOS Technology: Driving Credit Union Lending Success in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace

To have a strong presence in today’s competitive lending landscape, it’s critical that credit unions implement technology that not only helps drive loan growth, but improves the overall lending experience. Discover how implementing the right LOS strategy helped three credit unions improve all aspects of their lending programs: growing loans, improving staff efficiencies and member experience, and becoming more competitive in their respective markets.

White Paper

White Paper

LOS Decision Engine Optimization Improves Efficiency and Accuracy

In the highly competitive auto lending arena, speed is a critical deciding factor in funding more loans. CU Direct recently conducted a study of indirect auto loan applications submitted through its CUDL Platform, and found that the probability of funding increased as much as 63% when applications received an instant approval versus referred then manually approved.

Case Study

Case Study

Improving Speed and Efficiency of Loan Decisions

THE CHALLENGE // Reduce time and improve LOS workflow.
THE SOLUTION // Implement best-in-class LOS System.
THE RESULTS // Greater efficiency exceeds expectations.

Read the full report to see how La Capitol Federal Credit Union was able to meet their LOS needs and more!

Case Study

Case Study

Seamlessly integrating Vision FCU's five primary channels: Online, Mobile, Branch, Contact Center, and Indirect.

Read the full report to see how Lending 360 provided a true omni-channel experience and helped Visions Federal Credit Union fulfill their Loan Origination System needs.

Industry Trends Article

Industry Trends Article

Is Technology Sprawl Ruining Your Member Lending Experience?

How many systems, both digital and manual, do your members and employees have to navigate before booking a loan? The answer may surprise you, and provide some critical insight if your credit union isn’t meeting its loan growth goals.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?