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Vehicle Aftermarket Solutions

Protect your organization, business, members and customers

Prepaid Maintenance Program and Vehicle Aftermarket Dealer Services

Vero offers highly capable, exclusive vehicle aftermarket and identity recovery products. Vero products create opportunities for credit unions, dealers, and alternative markets to serve their members and customers, and to generate additional revenue.

Vero for Dealers

Vero Automotive Solutions provide additional dealer revenue and extend the relationship beyond the sale with a unique set of aftermarket products.

prepaid maintenance

You made the connection and closed the sale, what’s next? The value in customer loyalty and service retention is both essential and vital to the long-term success of your dealership. Fidelis PPM allows your dealership to create, run, and monitor your own, self-branded prepaid maintenance program with the promise to enhance the dealer and customer relationship.

Vero For Affinity Groups

Vero Affinity Group Solutions offer identity theft protection & recovery services for franchisors, universities, nonprofits & small businesses, & their customers.

Vero For Credit Unions

Vero Credit Union Solutions provide non-interest income and protect your credit union, its members and small-business accounts with identity recovery solutions.

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