Intuvo White Paper Reveals Why Credit Unions Stand to Benefit from Mortgage

New white paper outlines the advantages of winning more home finance business

Scotts Valley, California | December 6, 2018

Intuvo (, a leading provider of marketing automation software to the credit union industry, has published a new white paper outlining why and how credit unions can thrive in home finance business.

In its new white paper, “The Keys to Credit Union Success in Mortgage,” Intuvo details how credit unions can win more mortgage business and outlines the key benefits of a strong mortgage lending program.

Credit unions that continually explore new areas of loan growth realize the potential revenue and benefits offered by additional products. In the case of home mortgage loans, there are significant long-term member relationship opportunities, which would serve both to meet member needs and increase credit union profitability.

“Credit Unions that win more mortgage business stand to realize significant revenue through the transaction,” notes Intuvo CEO Jeff Shood. “Even more compelling than the revenue is the fact that by assisting their members with a home mortgage transaction—the largest single investment most members will make in their lifetime—the credit union becomes an even more trusted advisor.”

Shood explains that by deepening the relationship with the member through the mortgage transaction, the credit union opens the door to other important products and services including estate planning, financial planning, and investment advisory services.

“Perhaps the most exciting advantage for the credit union is the opportunity to differentiate itself from all other lenders through its mastery of customer service,” Shood added. “Servicing mortgage borrowers in a manner that ensures a high level of customer satisfaction has been a severe challenge for most lenders. J.D. Powers’ research bears this out. Credit unions, on the other hand, understand member satisfaction. That makes the mortgage a real opportunity for these institutions.”

Intuvo’s marketing and sales engine is designed specifically for the success of credit unions of any size. By syncing to the institution’s current core and loan origination systems (LOS), and combining marketing automation, data analytics, pre-populated content, and client relationship management (CRM) into one platform, Intuvo provides the modern credit union marketing department with the tools required to increase loan volume and member satisfaction.

Intuvo clients have consistently experienced up to a 30% increase in their lending business by automating the analysis of real-time member data and triggering personalized communication via email, direct mail and sales force automation.

Credit unions interested in learning more can download Intuvo’s new, free White Paper The Keys to Credit Union Success in Mortgage.

About Intuvo

Intuvo, a CU Direct company, is a leading marketing automation software platform to the credit union industry. Intuvo helps credit unions grow their lending business by automating the analysis of their customer base and then triggering personalized marketing via email, direct mail and text messaging. Intuvo’s marketing automation tools are customized and deployed within 30 days, unlike traditional and generic CRM and marketing automation platforms. Industry leading organizations leverage Intuvo’s solutions to effectively increase borrower satisfaction and loan volume.

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