CU Direct Acquires CU Direct Connect of Colorado

Partnership will deliver the most comprehensive indirect lending solutions available to credit union industry

Ontario, CA | October 29, 2019
CU Direct, the nation’s leading credit union lending technology developer, announced it has acquired CU Direct Connect of Colorado (CUDC). Through the acquisition, CU Direct will expand its outsourced loan processing services and indirect lending solutions for credit unions.

As a result of the acquisition, the combined organizations will provide lending technology solutions and services to 1,183 credit unions and 16,521 dealers nationwide. The acquisition is the latest move in CU Direct’s strategy to deliver the most advanced lending network, technology and solutions for credit unions to achieve lending performance and a marketplace advantage.

“We’re excited to build on the products that both CU Direct and CUDC have established, and we’ll continue to help Credit Unions make more loans and improve their efficiencies,” said Tony Boutelle, president and CEO of CU Direct. “Since its inception, CUDC has been dedicated to making the lending experience fast, easy and exceptional. Together we’ll expand upon that commitment with next generation solutions and services credit unions and dealers will embrace.”

“The partnership of CU Direct Connect and CU Direct will provide significant benefits to our clients and to the industry as a whole, with a priority of delivering new products and services through our new Origination Services division,” said CUDC president and CEO Blair Korschun. “A key initiative will be to evolve our technology and products to add value for our clients. We have an exciting product roadmap in front of us that we will be delivering on over the next few years.”

“CU Direct is so deeply engrained within our credit union ecosystem. Our joint effort creates even more value for our credit unions,” said Todd Marksberry, president and CEO of Canvas Credit Union, and chairman of CUDC’s board. “Our partnership will address strategic risk, ensure strong long-term support to our credit unions and help to create even more competitive advantages for credit unions to win. Credit unions are the best solution for people and our new partnership with CU Direct will help us serve even more people, more fully,” noted Marksberry.

The acquisition will see Tony Boutelle continue his role as President & CEO of CU Direct. Blair Korschun, will lead the new CU Direct Origination Services Division, slated to operate out of the current CUDC office, located in Centennial, Colorado. Todd Marksberry, will be joining CU Direct’s Board of Directors.

“I’m honored to sit on CU Direct’s board. As an industry, we often talk about collaboration as a gift of our space. With our shared vision, the opportunities we can create for our credit unions and the industry are boundless,” added Marksberry.

“There is a new buzz and a new energy coming from combining our organizations, and I’m very excited about our future, where we drive and deliver increased value for all our clients,” concluded Korschun.

About CU Direct

CU Direct delivers enterprise lending solutions and technology to over 1,100 financial institutions under the Origence brand and to 15,000 auto dealers under the CUDL brand.

We are committed to delivering technology and solutions that meet the demands of an evolving financial landscape by bringing innovation and expertise to indirect lending, consumer loan origination, digital lending, marketing automation and CRM, online auto shopping, and outsourced origination services and loan processing.

CU Direct maintains an unwavering commitment to transformative thinking and has been at the forefront of change and innovation in our industry.

About CU Direct Connect

Formed in 2002, CU Direct Connect (CUDC) is a credit union service organization (CUSO) providing state-of-the-art vehicle lending and origination funding platforms utilized by credit union members and auto dealer partners. CUDC enables any size credit union to generate auto loans and acts as a risk consultant to all partners. The organization is based in Colorado and currently serves more than 40 credit unions for vehicle lending, which supports the large number of auto dealer partners currently enrolled in the CUDC program. CUDC, through its member credit unions, is collectively one of the largest auto lenders in Colorado and is a top 10 auto lender in Arizona. CUDC also operates in Washington, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Nevada and Illinois. For additional information visit |

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